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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  February 15, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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several bodies. jodi joins us from san joaquin county. this is just one site. when will they begin searching that second site? >> reporter: raj, there is a second well located about a quarter mile east of the current location. private investigators who have been closely following and working this case tell us that's where they believe investigators are going to find a lot more bodies. but for now, investigators tell us they are focused on wrapping up their current search. >> we found coats, shoes, a purse, a woman's ring. >> reporter: and investigators say they may have uncovered all there is to find from a san joaquin county well where they've unearthed 1,000 bone fragments. >> our plan now is to send a camera down there to make sure. i mean, we want to make absolutely sure before we reseal that well. >> reporter: the search comes after investigators got their
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hands on writings of death inmate robert shermantine, who some believe to be responsible for up to 25 deaths. >> i think they're just a human [ bleep ] and that's all i can say. >> reporter: among the dead, van der sloot -- van der heiden. they discovered her bones. >> this will put it to rest so friends and family can, you know, pay their respects. >> vander heiden has kept his porch light on for 14 years, hoping his daughter would come home. he's sickened by the discovery of more bones and knows exactly what the families of other victims who are now waiting for news are going through. >> you never forget. you think of her constantly.
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that's -- you never -- it never goes away. >> reporter: so far two victims whose remains were found in caliveras have been preliminarily identified through dental records. it's unclear how long it's going to take to identify more victims. it's also unclear tonight if and when investigators are going to start searching that second well. they say they plan to take this one step at a time. reporting live in san joaquin county, i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. joseph naco charged with murdering four women can't act as his own attorney in the upcoming trial. naso has repeatedly refused the offer of a public defender. following a preliminary hearing last month, the judge ruled there was enough evidence to try
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naso for the murders of four northern california women. the allegation of multiple homicide makes naso eligible for the death penalty if he's convicted. well, back at the table talking restitution. pg&e will resume talks with city officials in san bruno after the male publicly called the utility out. residents who lost loved ones and their homes say the utility is trying to dodge the financial commitment to rebuild the neighborhood that was destroyed by that devastating pipeline explosion in september of 2010. nbc bay area's tracy grant joins us from san bruno where pg&e is responding to that criticism tonight. tracy? >> reporter: well, jessica, the national transportation safety board and the california public utilities commission have both deemed pg&e responsible for what happened here. no one is disputing that anymore, but what they are arguing about is how much pg&e will have to pay to get this city to recover from all that
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took place and all of the death and destruction. >> the exterior was pretty well trashed. all that has been replaced. >> reporter: not only is bob mcin this cam mcnick ol's house final rell built, but his neighbors are coming back. but even repairs can't remove the scars he and his neighbors are struggling with since the fire that rocked the county in 2010. many were injured, three dozen homes destroyed and many others damaged. shortly after the disaster struck, the head of pg&e met with san bruno residents. >> he said pg&e was behind us, they're going to support us. i just would ask them foul fill their commitment. >> tonight they were not fulfilling their commitment. they worked with city leaders to set up a $100 million relief fund to set up emergency assistance and relief repairs.
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there was a fund designated for the city to recover and it had broken down. >> now they want to just do the minimum required by law. we will not let that happen. >> reporter: he said he got a long long-awaited call from pg&e asking to set up a meeting. the two parties met last week for a healthy round of negotiations. the city discussed its desire to use the second trust fund for a memorial park and scar -- scholarships for people. >> we discussed meeting them on friday, and that is what we did. we are committed at pg&e to doing everything we can. >> reporter: so that meeting is supposed to take place on friday. the mayor also announced today that san bruno has officially petitioned the cpuc to become part of a global settlement
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against pg&e. live in san bruno, tracy grant, nbc bay area news. tracy, thank you. more issues regarding pg&e, and that's new tonight at 6:00. it's not a mass exodus, but many of pg&e customers are gipg to opt out of having a smart meter attached to their home. they received 400 requests since giving customers the right to opt out on february 1st. pg&e customers who choose to stay with traditional metres must pay a $175 fee. a majority of the opt out requests come from customers in santa cruz county and marin county. pg&e wants customers to decide whether they will opt out by may 1st. a search continues for a man who attempted to kidnap an eight-year-old girl as she was walking to carveer elementary school earlier this week. the man approached the girl on
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oakdale avenue and keith street as she waskialng w to carveer elementary. she was able to get away from the man and run to safety inside that school. this is a sketch of the suspect. he's described as an african-american male in his 30s with a heavy build and distinctive, short dreadlocks. he has a scar on his upper cheek and was wearing a scarf to cover his face. >> he said something to the effect that he takes little children to the victim. therefore, meaning that he was abducting this child. >> carver elementary is in the bayview district. if you have any information regarding this crime, call san francisco police. the county attorney general is looking into allegations that alameda county's chief probation officer sexually assaulted one of his own deputies. in a $1.5 million claim, a 30-year-old deputy is accusing david mohammmaed of sexually assaulting her during three different meetings last may. the chief denies the allegations
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calling them false. attorney general harris is looking into a possible criminal case against mohammad. both the accused and the accuser are on paid administrative leave. well, a medical breakthrough made on the peninsula that could detect the killer cancer using just your own breath. nbc's bay area mary ann talks about the new test. mary ann? >> reporter: it takes only five minutes, it's affordable, and it may even prevent patients from undergoing unnecessary biopsies, but most important, it can tell doctors if you have lung cancer. in neert fututhe near future, y able to breathe into a machine like this and learn if you have lung cancer. they developed this lung test which can predict a tumor. >> it was about 85%, which compares faisvorably with any
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other method. >> they did clinical trials on the test and can also different yat between different types of cancer. >> a different type of cancer, one that's aggressive versus one that's a little quieter, probably will produce a different signature. >> that early detection is critical because lung cancer is a leading cause of death worldwide and often is not diagnosed until late stages when it's much more difficult to treat. this test could potentially reduce the number of people who need to have a ct scan. >> it, we think, will be a very good prescreen to identify who should get a ct, because ct is a certain type of radiation. >> a test will also be used with the ct scan to determine if the patient really needs a surgical biopsy. this technology may also help more than lung cancer patients. the company is also working on
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developing breath tests to detect colon cancer and tuberculosis, breeding hope against the fight of several diseases. the test costs only $75. a second clinical trial using the breath test is set to begin monday in denver. if all goes well, the company hopes to apply for fda approval sometime next year. mary ann sovrow, nbc bay area news. an amazing medical first from lucille packer children's hospital. tonight a bay area baby has become the smallest pacemaker patient ever, her heart the size of a walnut. take a look. this is gia, whose parents are from hayward. gia was born nine weeks early at just three and a half pounds. 15 minutes after she was born -- 15 minutes -- doctors gave her a pacemaker that saved her life. doctors used just eight stitches in this surgery. gia was diagnosed before birth with a heart defect and was regularly monitored before she
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was born on november 22nd. doctors say her pacemaker needs repositioned as she grows, but she will be able to lead a normal life. >> she is cute. a sticky situation at a bay area airport. still ahead, what one man tried to sneak through security in a jar of peanut butter. another day, another fight between two tech giants and why silicon valley technology lets you leave your wallet in the car. the latest from our investigative unit. the bay area has received billions of federal stimulus dolla dollars, but where has that money gone? we followed the money trail. a lot of sunshine here from the north bay to the south bay. that was all provided by these gusty, dry winds out of the north that didn't even top 20 miles per hour in san jose. also for gilroy. as for tomorrow, we're starting off cold with temperatures in the 30s and 40s. we'll tell you about t that, pl
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another chance of showers in just a few minutes.
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for the second night in a row, a battle is brewing between two silicon valley giant companies. cisco challenging microsoft now. we bring in our business tech reporter scott budsman with what the difficulty is now. >> now we have the ability to see each other. challenging skype for $8.5 billion, the first challenge in europe, they say they want to make sure microsoft is not allowed to break other videoconferencing services. the silicon valley parade continues this week. tonight tesla the ones opening the books. they saw their revenues grow thanks largelyo t deals with mercedes, tesla stock moving higher after hours. the market hit with uncertainty
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in greece across the board today. we told you last night that they reported a loss. its shares fell nearly 18% today. coming up later today in the show, we're going to take you shopping with some silicon valley technology that allows you to leave your wallet behind at 6:40. raj? the rich apparently did not get richer during the obsession here in california. new information from the taxpayers association show the number of californians making half a million dollars or more annually dropped dramatically from 2007 to 2009. in 2007, there were more than 146,000 tax returns for people making more than half a million dollars. in 2009, that number dropped to less than 100,000. while there are no numbers yet for 2010 and 2011, state finance workers say they will definitely show a turnaround thanks in part to facebook. >> and quite frankly, when we're on the cusp of the facebook idea, we've got a lot more
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people who are about to get rich because of that. that was a snapshot that was taken at a point in time when the economy was in freefall and the stock market was diving. things are different now. >> experts believe the drop in riches from 2007 to 2009 came from a fall in income and not from people moving out of the state. san jose city councilmembers want to get the timing right when they ask people to fork over higher sales taxes. that's why they put off a vote for a potential june ballot measure and decided to study the issue for another two weeks. they're looking for options like having a special election for tax reductions. last night's decision showed people in san jose would rather pay more at checkout than lose more in city services. a petition with more than a thousand signatures was delivered to the city council last night to try to amend the
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city's non-smoking rules. mountain view has one of the most strict smoking rules. they prohibit smoking near doors and restaurants. the ban will force people into alleys or dark parking lots to smoke, which could end up being dangerous. >> that seems a bit excessive. 10 feet seems to be a bit more reasonable. that's still far enough away that it doesn't really bother the patrons inside. >> the ordinance also makes it illegal to light up in public parks. those new rules are supposed to take effect in 90 days. it's one of the most beautiful and breeziest places in the bay area, and now we're putting that breeze to work. >> the wind is going from recreational to productive, thanks to the park service. here's news. >> san francisco crissy field
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certainly has plenty in the way of views. the other thing it has plenty of is wind. >> not the best place for a picnic, but for generating wind power, it's really good. >> wind power is great for sailing, but the national park service has other plans for crissy field's famous gusts. >> these are the first three of what will be five wind turbines that are being installed to generate electricity for the wind center. >> reporter: they'll power the new crissy field center and its new electric car charging station. >> we could have tucked these back in the woods and you would have never seen them and they would have produced the same amount of electricity. >> john jarvis, head of the nation's park service, says the turbines are not just about saving money, they're about setting an example. >> putting them out here in front means we're demonstrating to the american public our stewardship of limited resources. >> jarvis says the turbines were designed to be bird safe, and
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just to be sure, students from the high school will be coming by to monitor the results. >> we're basically looking to see if these are actually efficient, and if they're efficient, if they're safe, and if we could probably get them at our school. >> reporter: the turbines are part of a sustainability push across the nation's park service, and in this case proving that to be a big windbag isn't necessarily a bad thing. joe jarvis, jr., nbc bay area news. >> crissy field is a good place for a picnic. i like it there. >> it's just a little breezy. we have reports of a small earthquake, right? >> it is small. 3.7, just to the north/northwest of crockett, right near vallejo, so this could be a foreshock to something larger. we'll keep monitoring this in the nbc bay area center and keep
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you up to date. if you have any pictures with any moderate damage, even though you don't usually see a 3.7, you might want to get ahold of us on twitter or our facebook page. now that sun and northwest winds drying out here across the entire region. 57 in fremont, a little bit cooler in the south bay with 59 in san jose and also 57 in the ohio valley and 61 in santa cruz. the winds have been gusting from 25 to 30 miles per hour, but the only computers picking up on the wind gusts would be in concord to san jose, and we'll see winds start to stir things up early in the evening. now we start to see things drop off in san jose with lows in the mid-50s, and as that wind starts to relax, we are talking about a very cold night coming back to the bay area. we have no cloud cover overhead at the mid or higher levels, and offshore high pressure is
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building, so any kind of storm activity that would be moving in from this cold front, that's all going to be pushing off to the north. as for tonight, those cold numbers, low 30s in the north bay from napa to santa rosa. possibly even some isolated 20s. 35 in the ohio valley. tomorrow, sunny skies through the noon hour, temperatures in the low to mid 60s from the coast right to our midland sections and as far as sierra snow. we picked up that last winter blast early, early this morning. anywhere from 6 to 8 inches from north star right up to alpine. however, this has done little for the snowpack still at 30% of average. we'll have more on that seven-day forecast, and when showers return, any updates on that earthquake information. straight ahead at 6:00 now, will it be a traffic nightmare. caltrans makes a decision on whether to close part of the bay area bridge this weekend. also, hanging up on those robo calls. new rules today that will make sure dinnertime is a little more
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peaceful. our chief investigative reporter tony kobaleski is on the money trail. california has received billions in funds, but you might be dorprised at what's not tng bei hneit wllha a tt money. stay with us.
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tonight our investigative unit is on the money trail. the focus is billions of federal stimulus dollars meant to get people back to work and jump start the economy. >> but where has that money gone and is it all being used? nbc bay area's chief investigate or tony kovaleski joins us. these are billions of dollars we're talking about. a lot of people could be helped here, but are they? >> $9 billion funnelled through the government in the last several years, all in the name of stimulating the economy. we have teamed up with a non-profit investigative group and here's what we found. all of california received 63 billion in stimulus money in the past three years, sacramento
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leading the way, getting $27 million, and much of that spread around by california state agencies. los angeles county, the state's largest county, finished second, getting $9 billion. that's more than the bay area counties combined. alameda county received the most. government stimulus money in the bay area, nearly 3.5 billion. our investigation has found that just because money is being funnelled into our communities, it doesn't necessarily mean that it's flowing out, starting businesses or putting people to work. our investigation found two projects approved back in 2009, a total of $12 million not started more than two years later. >> these projects were funded more than two years ago, and nobody has been hired here, we said, in 2012. why? >> well, we anticipate hiring them, but we're being very careful in our design. >> essentially the money has sat unused, jobs not created. this security project at the port of oakland has spent more than two years in the design
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phase. and our investigation found it's not alone. >> i wish it was done a little bit quicker? >> oh, sure, sure. yeah. >> and then that would have meant the other projects would have been done earlier, too. in an ideal world, they would have all been done earlier or quicker, or they could have all been done in 2009. >> reporter: two years after getting approval. the port of richmond has not spent any of the $2.4 million. idle funds not providing jobs or paychecks. >> this is designed to stimulate the economy? >> right. >> but according to records right now, nothing has been spent? >> right. >> so you could argue that it hasn't stimulated the economy at all and here we are in 2012? >> but it will. >> reporter: but it will. the latest government data shows more than a dozen bay area projects approved in 2010 or
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before still haven't started. that's 70 million idle dollars, zero jobs. coming up at 11:00, we'll analyze the impact that's having here in the bay area. >> we'll see you at 11:00. also we want to hear from you if you have a news tip. we're asking you to call us and share with us. the number is 888-996-tips, or you c you can e-mail us. another step in the whitney houston investigation. what investigators did today. i'm david trujillo live in san jose today when an investigate arrested today after skirting the law for decades. who he is accused of murdering. it's the deadliest prison ntury.n a what sparked the fire in your international headlines, next.
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for 13 years, the man accused of raping his 12-year-old daughter, claiming it was god's will, that man lived freely without consequence in mexico. tonight, though, that's changed. >> it is a tragic case. the man is in custody and on his way to san jose where he'll face charges that could put him in prison for life. nbc bay area's sam trujillo joins us live from san jose with the story. damion, how is that girl responding to the fact that her father has been arrested and is being sent back? >> with relief and fear at the same time, janelle. you can understand the trauma she must be going through. the nuns here at gaudalupe church are the ones who sheltered the girl and called police. but the release will make your stomach churn. the suspect told his daughter he
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was doing this in the name of god. this is the man prosecutors say raped his own daughter four different times. one time it was inside this motel in milipedes in 1999. >> she was 12 years old, and she was being terrorized by someone, and she did everything she could to stop it from happening, and eventually she was incredibly brave and ran and sought help from someone. >> reporter: that someone was a nun at our lady of gaudalupe church who called police. officers arrested rodrigo salano, but he later fled to mexico. finally prosecutors got the call they've been waiting for for 13 years. a judge in mexico signed an extradition order. >> getting the phone call was an incredible relief to me. i had a big smile on my face and i could not wait to pick up the phone and call and tell them. >> reporter: the victim is 23 now, herself a mom, and she's
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ready to take the stand against her own father. >> you can run but you can't hide. people are going to find you. they're not going to rest. >> reporter: the suspect will be in court tomorrow, a fugitive of 13 years no more. live in san jose, i'm damian trujillo, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, damian. an award is being offered leading to an arrest of a group of man who attacked a san jose man and killed his little dog. this is a follow-up to a story we first brought you earlier this week. san jose non-profit animal organization is offering $2500. last saturday a 32-year-old was walking his little dog shadow when he says three men approached him, attacked him and then shocked his i don't recollect -- yorkshire terrier to death.
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a family in a fire this morning. they are now lockioking for a n home. it was half engulfed in flames. everyone, including the 16-month-old twin babies, made it out safely. the red cross chapter is putting the family up in a hotel this week, but it needs help on finding long-term housing for the family. you've likely seen the signs and bill boards in the bay area, warning, bait bridge will be shut down this holiday weekend if you're heading into san francisco. they are waiting for the forecast, and it should be relatively rain free, so the westbound span of the bridge will be closed. caltrans says it will shut down the span from friday at 8:00 in the evening until 5:00 a.m. on tuesday. construction crews will spend the weekend making a detour for drivers that will allow them to finish construction of the bridge's new eastern span. well, certainly they were not playing it low key. iran coming out, bragging today about its advances in its nuclear program.
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>> janelle wang joins us now with the headlines. >> reporter: despite pressure on iran to stop its nuclear program, the country is upping the ante. president ahmadinejad says iran's level of nuclear expertise is higher than ever. the country is known to exaggerate sometimes, but still the announcement has grabbed the world's attention. nbc's ally aruzi has the details. >> reporter: it was the biggest advance in its nuclear program. president ahmadinejad was in the richmond facility with 3,000 sub ter fujs that he says are much better than the last generation. they are now churning out the uranium at 20%. iran also announced that it made its own nuclear fuel rod for its research reactor in tehran to help cancer patients. previously iran said the western half has blocked the country from buying or developing these
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rods to help cancer patients. iran said it made leaps and bounds in nuclear technology and now able to build these themselves. all of these reports are likely to unsettle western powers who believe iran is heading towards a nuclear bomb. iran maintains that its nuclear program is purely for civilian purposes. but today's ceremonies were very carefully packaged, both for domestic and foreign audiences to show iran can master a nuclear fuel cycle on its own despite sanctions, despite nuclear scientists being killed on the streets of iran. another defiant message from iran today. ally aruzi, nb kri bay area news. congress is close but still hasn't approved a deal to extend a tax cut until the end of the year. the extension would continue to give middle class americans another $40 in their paycheck, but it would also add another $100 billion to the debt.
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they wanted cuts elsewhere, but it became clear. the bill also cuts down unemployment insurance of an all-time high of 99 weeks. president obama says he will sign the bill as soon as it lands on his desk. a massive fire in an overcrowded prison killed over 350 inmates. many died trapped in their cells. it's the deadliest prison fire in a century. police believe an inmate started the fire by lighting a mattress. the u.s. is one of over ten countries issuing a travel warning now to bangkok following yesterday's series of explosions in taiwan's capital city. the u.s. fears foreign terrorists may be looking to carry out attacks in touristy areas. americans are encouraged to be on heightened alert. on another note, china's vice president is wrapping up his
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visit tomorrow. he's going to meet with governor jerry brown and they're going to talk about global affairs. they have released records, whitney houston's doctors and pharmacists regarding the drugs found in her hotel room. this is procedure following a drug case, which is believed to have happened to houston. there is no indication of any foul play. the singer, as you know by now, was found underwater in a hotel bathtub. the health department issued her death certificate which lists the cause of death as deferred. basically a toxicology report is still needed for a final determination, and that may take at least six weeks. the feds are hanging up on those annoying automated calls that always seem to come during dinnertime. the sec is setting new rules for telemarketers. the changes require telemarketers to require written consent before placing robo calls to consumers. they also limit the exemption
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for consumers that have an established business. it requires them to opt out during each robocall so consumers can immediately tell the robo marketer to stop calling and limiting the number of dead air calls in which consumers answer phones and hear nothing. there are loopholes, though. the changes don't affect charity or political calls. sunnyvale officials are receiving complaints of an apparent phone scam where a caller identifies himself as an employee of the sunnyvale computer department. the victim then says the computer is transmitting bad data. the city says it does not have a computer department and is not making those calls. peanut butter and pot and airport security? not a good combo. a 47-year-old man missed his flight to l.a. sunday night after tsa detained him at oakland international. they said they found a jar of peanut butter in the man's carry-on bag. inside the jar, a bag of pot.
6:39 pm
he told officers he hid the pot because he didn't have a medical marijuana card. tsa says this is the second time in a month that they've found pot in peanut butter inside someone's luggage. an attraction that will not be open this summer. and ahead, business reporter scott budsman shows us why you won't want to forget your smartphone the next time you go out shopping. it looked like fun, wasn't it? but was it worth the money? taxpayers' money to clean up that pillow fight. we'll tell you how much it cost. we're tracking any potential aftershocks from this 3.7 earthquake just a few miles to the south of vallejo happening at 6:09. we'll have details on that coming up. also the latest on your forecast which gets bitterly cold for your morning.
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a popular summer destination for many east bay families may be closing its doors this year. the water slides at pleasant and shadow regional recreation area won't be opening this summer. operators say the slides need to be upgraded to meet safety codes and provide handicapped access. but that could cost more than $200,000 and the parks district says it can't afford it. so the slides will be closed permanently if a solution isn't found. okay, remember last night? je je jeff raniri specifically? it involved steam cleaning the sidewalks and gathering dozens of bags of feathers.
6:43 pm
they used 12 employees on overnight shifts. in years past it reached up to 35 grand to clean up. this was the seventh annual great san francisco pillow fight brought to you by jeff ranieri during that live newscast. >> the rule should be, if you show up to do the pillow fight, you stay and clean. that's how it is when you go to a party. >> they're hitting each other so hard. so we've been checking our facebook. any possible updates on that earthquake, and many people just said it was a very short and quick jolt. we'll be tracking that. plus, also the next chance of showers returning in my seven-day forecast. a live look right now at san bruno mountains towards the bay bridge. coming up on the xfinity sports desk, jeremy lin when his coach visits us and shares an old story.
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plus, linsanity hits times square. these new yorkers have already forgotten about their super bowl championship and they're movin . that story is next. ngests, d-pressurizes so you can breathe. a fast, non-drowsy antihistamine plus a powerful decongestant. allegra-d. d-fense against allergy congestion.
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for some people this might be a redundant question, but do you like to shop? >> i know someone who likes to shop. ditching your wallet for technology seems convenient, but some say the technology is moving a bit too fast. here's our tech reporter scott budman. >> reporter: they roast their own beans and latte. and they let you pay in a new way. you may have seen these square card reedeaders. you swipe your credit card and you're good to go. now it's even easier. you can use your smartphone. >> there is no new action to learn here. it's just you walking in and doing what you always do. >> it's called near field communication, a growing way for merchants to scan your android or iphone app and remove money from your credit card. square app is called card case.
6:47 pm
>> it's a way to use your phone and leave. you don't have to take your phone out and wave it anywhere. it's just you and your favorite business. >> no more searching for cash. you don't even need your wallet. >> yes, it's quick and convenient, but there is also a security component here. not only do they recognize my phone, they recognize me because of the security i took. >> security is important. as with any new technology, this one will take time to adapt. >> it's a very cool technology, very cutting edge. but you always have to remember, cutting edge, you sometimes draw a little blood with that cutting edge, right? >> that's bruce snell. his company recently put out a warning, saying with this kind of paying power, it's important to keep your apps and your data to yourself. >> so number one thing is to make sure you control whoever has access to your phone. a lock is a really good way to do that. >> so before you shop with your
6:48 pm
phone, password protect it. it will make it easier to get a square deal the next time you come here. in san francisco, scott budman, nbc bay area news. >> quick and convenient, huh? >> let's turn things over to jeff. got some rain in the forecast? >> eventually. a little bit of shower activity here and there. we'll have that coming up in just a few minutes, but for today, numbers did start to warm up. 61 in santa rosa, 60 in san jose. winds did gust as well across the hill tops, anywhere about 20 to 40-plus miles per hour here across mt. diablo, and that dry wind would have warmed us up if we didn't have that cold air aloft. 55 in san jose. winds still stirring around the atmosphere a little bit, but as those winds calm tonight, we are expecting some isolated 20s in the forecast that could produce a little patch of fog. thursday, sunny and also a little bit warmer and ahead in
6:49 pm
that seven-day forecast, we are still forecasting a few on again, off again showers. immediately offshore, it's still looking like august and september here. nothing but clear skies. we do have some high-level cloud cover offshore, but pressure building up to the south. that will keep that cold front off bay, at least for right now. those numbers will be dropping to the coldest numbers in the north bay. 31 in santa rosa. could have some isolated 20s with that patchy frost. patchy frost in the east bay. 35 in the valley and 38 in san jose. on your thursday forecast, numbers a little bit above average in the south bay, low to mid 60s from walnut creek, 61 in alameda and up for santa rose a. that could be the warm spot tomorrow with temperatures close to 70. 63 in san francisco, 59 in half
6:50 pm
moon bay. on that three-day forecast, we'll find patchy areas of frost here throughout thursday. a slight chance of some drizzle late, late friday, and here we go again. a slight chance of showers on saturday. we'll also keep that in the forecast as we head to sunday and even into monday. another slight chance of showers coming on back, and then as we head into tuesday and wednesday, it looks great with numbers that will trend more mild at this point. so a lot of wind today but also a decent punch, so we'll pick up anything from about 6 to 9 inches. good news for the snowpack, but we're we need a lot more at this point. >> you're talking about the bay bridge that will now be closed. >> it will be too hard to call if yewe're going to get a showe at 6:00, 7:00, 800, but it's not a huge shower, so hopefully it will get through. >> that's what they said. >> let's get to sports. henry woofer from our
6:51 pm
comcast sports net newsroom, and jessica's favorite player, jeremy lin, they won their seventh straight game just tonight, correct, the knicks did? >> they're on a roll. they won by 15 points. they looked so good that jeremy lin didn't even have to play in the fourth quarter. we'll have more on that, but first, some 49ers news. the 49ers are ready to move into a new stadium, and there's a chance their new home will open in two years. santa clara city councilmembers have voted 5-1 to support the $878 million contract for the 49ers stadium. construction is scheduled to begin june 1st in hopes of opening for the 2014 season. all right. the number of jeremy lin doubters, well, they're decreasing by the minute. the new york knicks point guard knocked down a game-winning three-pointer last night to beat the toronto raptors 90-87. lin finished with 27 points. but get this. a week ago he was crashing on
6:52 pm
his brother's couch. those days are history. check out lin's new crib on the 20th floor of the trump towers in white plains, new york. these photos are a model apartment in the towers, similar to the one lin is subletting from warriors forward david lee. current forward david riley had this to say about linsanity. >> some people even thought we were crazy for putting the guaranteed money into it. looked at it as a two-year program. and i can't sit here and tell you i saw him as a star player. i saw him as a guy who, if everything developed well, would be a backup point guard in this league. if you say, riles, you were stupid and you let him go, then you have to stand up to that. because he is on another team and playing well. and give the credit to jeremy lin, give the credit to his family. they're great people. he's done a tremendous job.
6:53 pm
he gives hope to every undrafted player in the united states. >> in case you were hoping to go all in and grab yourself some gear, you're not alone. jeremy lin has had the top-selling jersey on line since last saturday. in response, model sporting goods placed a rush order for lin merchandise and fans flokd -- flocked to their flagship store in manhattan. >> we did not see this one coming. i mean, we've always known he was a very special player from when he was a young player, but i just don't see how it's possible to predict something this crazy. he came in 5 feelt fe'3", 120 p great feel, great instincts, but very, very small. he's put a lot of time into his body. because of his parents and because of how he was brought up, i tell you, his mother has
6:54 pm
had very high expectations for him from the beginning as all of us in the community know, and so she set a very high bar. so i don't think they're as shocked about all this as all of us are. >> jeremy lin, 5'3" back in high school, now he's 6'3" and a star on the knicks. i'm still waiting for my growth spurt that hasn't kicked in yet. if i eat correctly, i think it's going to happen one of knethese days, okay? >> give yourself a box to stand on, henry. for a full hour of bay area sports coverage you can watch comcast sports bay area tonight at 10:30. >> back in a moment.
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he's got his computer fired up, and tonight we've got all kinds of stuff going on. the app that saves lives. we're going to talk to the bay area firefighter behind that new app, sweeping its way not only across departments in the bay area but across the world. it's a rare opportunity as well for some students. the president is going to be in town, as we have reported. we're going to talk tie fo a fe those kids who get to see him. if you go to nbc bay area on google plus, pretty soon people will start popping on the screen here and we'll be able to join you from behind the scenes as we do the newscast live on the television sites.
6:58 pm
it's kind of fun to do. so nbc google bay area. >> we'll see you back here at 11:00. >> bye bye.
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